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Cancer & Vaccinations: Taking Control


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All you need to know about COVID-19 and other vaccines
Australia Day 2017, when I was recognised with an Order of Australia award, was a bitter-sweet moment, as the day before, I had received my first dose of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After eight months off work, I too became a ‘cancer survivor’.

My treatment team didn’t talk to me about vaccinations, and I suspect you may be in the same situation. In 2020 my nephew, a general practitioner, called me and said I needed to be vaccinated for shingles, pneumonia, and whooping cough, especially because of my previous cancer treatment. I started doing my own research to help my patients and me.

In Cancer and Vaccinations: Taking Control, learn:

  • Which vaccines to have before or after your cancer treatment
  • What vaccines to avoid during your cancer treatment
  • How to reduce your chances of an unwanted infection
  • The common and uncommon complications after vaccination
  • How to avoid lymphoedema after a vaccination
  • All about the COVID-19 vaccines in the context of previous cancer
  • The risk of rare blood clots or heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccination
  • How to reduce the risk of shingles, pneumonia, and whooping cough

John Boyages has written a must-read book for adult patients with cancer wanting the latest advice about vaccinations before and after treatment.
— Professor Peter Collignon AM
Infectious Diseases Physician and Microbiologist

Author of other Taking Control Books: Breast Cancer; DCIS and Male Breast Cancer