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Clinical Breast Examination: Taking Control (DVD)

In this 58 minute, professionally produced, DVD learn from Professor John Boyages’ many years of experience in how to “take control” when you see a patient with a past diagnosis of breast cancer or with a possible breast cancer.


Using his own personal style with one of his patients who presents with a lump and blood discharging from her nipple, Professor Boyages walks you slowly through the potential complexities of diagnosing a patient who presents with a new breast problem. This 58 minute DVD has been produced for and is specifically directed solely at general practitioners (primary care physicians), trainee specialists (residents/registrars), nurses and medical students and is for personal educational purposes only. This resource will provide you with all you need to know to “take control” after seeing a patient with possible breast cancer.

Learn how to:

  1. Describe the key aspects of a breast-specific history
  2. Examine a patient with suspected breast cancer
  3. Orientate a standard mammogram
  4. Record your clinical findings with detail
  5. Understand the term “triple assessment”
  6. Recognise when to refer a patient for another opinion

Note from the author

“In this DVD I will teach you how to avoid common traps and know what you are looking for anatomically in the different parts of the breast and surrounding lymph nodes. I have been teaching breast examination techniques for many years. It’s a sad but true fact that many doctors are not effectively taught the basics at medical school or during their post-graduate training. When a new doctor starts working with me, I usually get them to show me how they examine a patient. Nine times out of ten there is a lot of room for improvement. This DVD shares what I have learned from some of the great masters and my own personal experience. This DVD may help you save a life.” Professor John Boyages, MD, PhD

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